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Your Bridge Library: Following a stocktake and cull of some tired old publications, there have been over 20 new additions thanks to the kind donations of club members. More will be on the way thanks to recent donations from long time library custodian Geoff Hart. There are some very interesting books in our library as evidenced by those shown in the photo and who knows you may even improve your bridge by perusing some. In future, when borrowing fill in details in the pink Borrowing book as usual, BUT PLEASE return them to the Library Returns box, NOT the shelves so they can be checked in against a digital borrowing list. Happy reading! [posted Sun 16-Jun-24]

WHAT ARE ECLECTICS - Look for them on the website now !: At the beginning of every month, your hard-working Masterpoint secretaries Margaret and Julia, generate some bonus green points for you in the form of Eclectics. These results are pinned to the top half of the results notice board. And from this month, they are also going to be uploaded to the Results tab on the Noosa Bridge Club website. The Eclectic competitions are computer generated if there are at least three green point days on any given day in a calendar month. For example; If you played 3 or more Mondays in May in the novice section, your best 3 results are used to form a separate competition called the MONDAY ECLECTIC NOVICE MAY An Eclectic event is formed for each day of the month. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we try to do a separate novice and open one if the fields have been reasonably well separated. So look out for your bonus points at the beginning of every month!! [posted Wed 5-Jun-24]

Noosa Novice Pairs Championship 2024: The Noosa Novice Pairs Championships were concluded on Monday 27 May. The happy winners were Pat Quinn and Alexa Parker, second place went to Tom Stephenson and Stephen Stigwood and coming in a creditable third were Debbie Hemming and Sheila Waddell. Thanks again to our friendly Director Steve and all the volunteers with catering, caddying, bar service and clean-up and to all participants. This is rapidly becoming an event not to be missed in the annual calendar. [posted Wed 29-May-24]

Member Profile; Karin Glenning: Susie Osmaston has excelled herself once again to produce a sparkling biography of club member Karin Glenning. The interesting life stories of so many of our members continue to amaze; A Star is Born. See more... [posted Thu 23-May-24]

Noosa Pairs Championships 2024: After an arduous 125 hands over 3 days and 4 sessions in which every pair played every other pair, we have deserved winners of the 2024 Pairs Championships in Maureen Jakes and Michael Huddart. In second place were David Harris and Tim Ridley followed closely in third place by Sheryl Cullenward and Ann Mellings. Congratulations to Organisers, Director Steve, Caterers, Caddies and all others who helped out and to all the players who contributed to a great event. [posted Fri 17-May-24]

Coolum Teams Championship: The McNamee Team comprising Peter, Anna Irminger and the Canape Cowboys successfully and narrowly defended their crown in the Coolum Teams event run over the past three Wednesdays and ending yesterday. David Delgado proved a worthy replacement for Anna Jadach who opted to ski around Japanese snowfields rather than defend her title. [posted Thu 28-Mar-24]

Noosa GNOT Heats: The Noosa GNOT Heats successfully concluded yesterday afternoon with nibbles and drinks after four gruelling sessions over three days. Thanks to all who made it such an enjoyable experience, organisers, caterers, barmen, caddies and of course our friendly Director, Steve. Team Ridley finished on top and three other Noosa teams, Beckett, Thomas and Smith qualified for the next round. [posted Mon 11-Mar-24]

Presidents Trophy 2024: The Presidents Trophy was held today, this event was started in 2011 by president at the time, Lyn Collins. It is run in a field divided by master points and then calculated on handicap. Today we had a total of 50 pairs competing, the winners of the A division were Di Jones and Lois Meldrum and in the B section, Fred Harrison and Judy Kitcher came first. Di and Lois and Judy are pictured with President Michael Huddart receiving their prizes. [posted Sun 3-Mar-24]

QBA Mixed Teams 2024: Our club hosted the QBA mixed teams event over the weekend, and we were delighted to have 22 teams represented from SE Queensland in a very strong field . The competition was played as one field but divided into two grades for prize monies. The winners of the A grade were the Solomon team, who dominated the field , holding on to their No 1 spot for the last 6 matches. This team was made up of Ken Dawson, Alison Dawson, Ian Afflick and Janeen Solomon. Runners up were team Ward and coming third were the Smith team. In the B grade we had the team from Caloundra, team Davies coming out on top with members Bob and Siobhan Davies, Bob Hannam and Ian Pitts. The Delgado team came second followed by team Scott. Congratulations to all. Thank you to director Peter Busch for managing the field so well and special thanks to congress director Joanne McCarthy for all her hard work, plus her team of helpers, caddies, kitchen and bar staff and all the members who donated cakes and slices. [posted Sat 2-Mar-24]

Member Profile: John Osmaston: Our latest member profile is clearly one dear to the heart of the author. John is one of our card dealers, and an invaluable member of our club with a fascinating history. See more... [posted Sat 3-Feb-24]

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Christmas Party 2023: Today we held our Christmas Party with 36 tables, 144 members playing bridge, and most staying to enjoy the party that followed. Presentations were made and prize winners announced, including best dressed on the day which was shared between Jules and Matthew Denslow, Ron Jadach , and Jill Yeatman and Janet Young. Congratulations to Julia Caldwell for winning the Joan Rathbun Shield for the most improved novice and to Ingrid Allen for winning the most improved player who started with nil points.Thank you Sue Smith for the hours of organising you put in and special thanks to our directors on the day for managing the large numbers so well. Many thanks also to everyone that helped in the kitchen and bar plus the members that contributed the delicious food we enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who went to the trouble to dress for the occasion, there were many wonderful outfits on display and a great time was had by all. (All the photos can be found under the photos button top right) [posted Thu 7-Dec-23]

Noosa Swiss Pairs: We were pleased to host the Swiss Pairs event over the weekend with 34 pairs competing in a very strong field. The A grade winners were Sanmugaras Kamal and Neville Francis with Janeen Solomon and Alison Dawson coming second. In the B grade the winners were Pam Hawkins and Michelle Behrens with Noreen Weyling and Tony Davidson runners up. Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone for competing. Many thanks to director Peter Busch and Congress Convenor Joanne McCarthy plus the team of helpers in the kitchen, bar and caddies. Special mention to Providore Ted for managing the last minute change of plans for the lunch orders so well and many thanks to our members for contributing all the delicious food that we enjoyed over the weekend. [posted Sat 18-Nov-23]

Member Profile :Gayna Ryan: Club director Gayna is the focus in the latest member profile compiled by Susie Osmaston. Read about Gayna's interesting life filled with Golf, Bridge and wine! See more... [posted Sun 29-Oct-23]

Noosa Spring Pairs 2023: The Noosa Spring Pairs concluded today after two weeks of competition. The winners of the A grade were David Harris and Phillipa Barnett with Elizabeth Van Vugt and Julie Scott coming second. In the B grade Warwick Newton and Louise Ryan were the winners with Lesley Bloomfield and Moira Gibbens runners up. We all enjoyed drinks and nibbles at the end of play,and thank you to directors Tim and Rosie for sorting out the complicated scoring. [posted Sat 21-Oct-23]

Noosa Novice Pairs Congress 2023: Today we held our Novice Pairs Congress, special for many reasons but today it was our inaugural congress run through MyABF. We had 32 pairs competing, an increase over last year, and we were delighted to have many pairs playing in their first ever congress and for some their first all day event. The competition was divided into two grades for prize monies but played as one field and congratulations to Robyn Vincent and James Taylor for winning the A Grade, with our visitors from Brisbane Althea Crowley and Jacqui Dudurovic in second place. In the B Grade Greg Murray and Lorna O'Donnell were the winners with a great result coming 4th overall, Dan and Alexis Stewart came second and Jill Yeatman and Janet Young had a successful day coming third. Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who took part. A big thank you to Director Steve Murray, to Congress Convenor Joanne McCarthy and to Vice President Prue for coming in to present the prizes. Many thanks to providore Ted and to all our members for bringing in the food we all enjoyed, plus thank you to our kitchen helpers and caddies with special mention to Peter and Keith for helping out in the bar. [posted Tue 17-Oct-23]

Noosa Teams Congress 2023: The Noosa Teams Congress was held today with 18 teams competing. The field was divided into two grades for prize monies but played as one competition. The winners of the A grade were the Luck Team, comprising John and Ivy Luck, Terry O Dempsey and Ralph Parker. Runners up were the Green Team, Rosemary Green, Phillipa Barnett, Tim Ridley and David Harris. The B Grade was won by Team Connell which was made up of Bev Connell, John Reiter, Don Scown and John Newton. Coming a very close second in the B Grade by only .24 of a VP was Team De Lacy, Barry and Phylly joined by Mark and Lorraine Miller. Congratulations to all who competed. Thank you to Director Peter Busch and Congress Convenor Joanne McCarthy, plus the caddies, kitchen helpers and bar staff. A special thank you to providore Ted for supplying the food enjoyed by all. [posted Sat 9-Sep-23]

Interclub Teams Championship 2023: The Interclub Teams Championship for 2023 was held today, with teams from the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra, Coolum and Noosa competing across three grades for the trophy. Noosa won the event last year and so hosted the competition today, enabling us to be well represented in each grade. The Noosa Club had a successful day winning each grade and retaining the trophy. The A grade was won by Team Quigley ( Di Quigley, Lizi French, Ann Mellings and Penny Sykes) The Huddart Team won the B grade ( Michael Huddart, Jean Pearce, Lesley Power and Chrissie Baynes) with Team Bunn ( Meredith Bunn, Leisha McMenamin, Sally Simmons and Joan Reeve) winning the C grade. Thank you to all the competitors, particularly those who travelled from the other clubs and played in such good spirit. Many thanks to Peter Busch for his skilful directing, to organisers Sue and Joanne, plus our caddies, kitchen helpers and bar staff. [posted Fri 18-Aug-23]

Noosa Pro Am 2023: 46 pairs entered into our Pro Am event and the overall winners North-South were Ann Mellings and James Taylor with runners up Rhonda Kingston and Dieter Bendt. In the East-West section the winners were Kitty Payne and John Gill with Di Jones and Peter King coming second. Congratulations also to our newly elected committee member Peter King for winning the best performing player with less than 10 master points. Thank you to our organisers Prue Adams, John Gill and Sue Smith, plus our directors on the day. [posted Sun 13-Aug-23]

Noosa Teams Championships 2023: The Noosa Teams Championships for 2023 was contested over the last three Fridays, with 18 teams playing in an "all play all" event. There was a hard-fought battle for first position, with team Jones coming out on top, congratulations to Di Jones, Allison Walker, Eugenie Mooney and Anna Irminger. In second place were the Ridley team, comprising Tim Ridley, David Harris, Rosemary Green and Phillipa Barnett. Thank you to Steve Murray for his skilful directing and thank you to Congress Coordinators Joanne McCarthy and Pat Lovell, plus our caddies and bar staff, and our members who brought in food. [posted Fri 28-Jul-23]

Noosa Bridge Club Library: We have a comprehensive library of bridge books available to all our members with topics to suit beginners through to grand masters. They cover aspects such as bidding, play, behind the play, conventions and psychology of bridge. Our latest acquisition is titled "Test Your Bridge Analysis Against the Experts" by Danny Roth and is recommended reading for intermediate players and above. Roth presents 70 hands on play, defence and opening leads where the play was less than expert. The author's goal is to help the reader enjoy the problems, and benefit by making mistakes away from the table, when it does not matter, rather than during actual play, when it does. Another book available (pictured ) is by Pat Sheinwold, a champion bridge player, and she reveals the winning psychology of bridge playing with the opposite sex...always challenging! Members may borrow books at any time but we would ask you to fill in your details, i.e. name and date borrowed in the file on the shelf, please see committee member Warwick Newton for more information. [posted Thu 29-Jun-23]

Noosa Swiss Pairs Congress 2023: Our Swiss Pairs Congress for 2023 was held today, June 15, and we were very pleased to have 42 pairs competing. The competition was played as one field but divided into two grades for prize monies. Congratulations to Ken Dawson and Adrienne Kelly for winning the A grade in a very strong field, with Fred Whitaker and Duncan Badley taking out second place, Tim Ridley and David Harris third. The B grade was won by Eugenie Mooney and Anna Irminger (coming 9th overall), Dieter Bendt and David Thrum second, and Susan Lee and June Drysdale in third place. Congratulations to all, particularly to our novices playing in their first congress. Many thanks to Peter Busch for directing and to our Congress Convenor, caddy and kitchen helper Joanne McCarthy for her hard work. Thank you also to our helpers on the day plus the members that brought in the food we all enjoyed. [posted Wed 14-Jun-23]

Member Profile: Sue Smith: Susie Osmaston has compiled another fascinating member's profile, this time it is our club secretary and administrator Sue Smith, aka "Saucy Sue", in the limelight! See more... [posted Sat 22-Apr-23]

Member Profile: Erika Gartner: Another fascinating member's profile from Susie Osmaston. This time the story is about our much-loved member Erika Gartner, and what an interesting story it is! We go from Erika in Austria, listening to American aircraft flying overhead in WWII, to cooking strudel and dumplings for Aussie farmers! And then of course don't forget Snorkie the pet pig! See more... [posted Mon 23-Jan-23]

Member Profile: Michael Huddart: Our treasurer is under the spotlight in another wonderful member's profile courtesy of Susie Osmaston. See more... [posted Sun 30-Oct-22]

Member Profile: Robyn Vincent: What an interesting life Robyn has led, filled with adventure! Thank you Susie Osmaston for another amazing story. See more... [posted Thu 4-Aug-22]

Members Profile : John Fields: So much we didn't know about John! What an interesting story and amazing life, well worth the read. Thank you Susie for this well written article. See more... [posted Tue 26-Apr-22]

Members Profile: Warwick Newton: Warwick is a member of our management committee and thanks to this very interesting article written by Susie Osmaston we can read what a "jack of all trades" he is. Let us know when your book "Larrikins I Have Known" hits the shelves Warwick! See more... [posted Mon 31-Jan-22]

Members Profile : Isabel Michie: Isabel is our Members Liaison and Charity Events Coordinator and thanks to this eloquent article written by Susie Osmaston we can see what a serendipitous series of events it was that brought Isabel to our Noosa Bridge Club. Thank you Susie for another wonderful members profile. See more... [posted Sat 6-Nov-21]

Members Profile :  Barry De Lacy: What an interesting life Barry has lead, very adventurous! A wonderful article thank you Susie Osmaston. See more... [posted Tue 3-Aug-21]

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