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Noosa Spring Teams: The Noosa Teams congress has concluded and we were pleased to have 24 teams playing in 2 grades. The A grade was won by the Ward team ( Richard Ward, Therese Tully, Tony Hutton and Neville Francis) and team Olsen came second ( Geoff Olsen, Maureen Jakes, Rosemary Crowley and Richard Perry) In the B division the winners were the Power team ( Lesley Power, Susan Lee, Jean Pearce and MaryLou Shaw) with the Avunduk team in second place (Kiyomi Avunduk, Sue Gardner, Don and Margaret Robertson) The event was ably run by director Peter Busch and congress convenor Pat Lovell. As always no event is possible without the help of our volunteers and many thanks to all our caddies, kitchen helpers, bar staff and the dealers of our pre dealt boards. ( Geoff Olsen is pictured receiving the prize on behalf of his camera shy team and B grade second and third place winners are shown below) Congratulations to all. [posted Sun 12-Sep-21]

[posted Sun 12-Sep-21]

Kitchen Painting Underway: A big thankyou to our maintenance man Peter Franzmann and his accomplished helper Don Robertson for all the time and effort they have put in to freshening up our kitchen, we appreciate all your hard work! [posted Mon 6-Sep-21]

Andy Hung's Lesson: Defence is the most challenging part of bridge and Andy Hung gave an excellent presentation titled "Defensive Planning, How to Plan and Think on Defence" which was enjoyed by approximately 65 of our members. Andy covered two defensive strategies, Active and Passive defence and demonstrated the importance of making a plan when defending. We were shown how good defence is more than just the opening lead, it continues throughout the entire hand. [posted Mon 6-Sep-21]

Meet Committee Member John Gill: John Gill (pictured below) joined our committee in March this year but he actually first joined the Noosa Bridge Club in 1986! John is our First Aid and Safety Officer plus a member on our Finance Sub Committee and may be giving regular lessons next year. John comes from a "long line" of bridge players, learning bridge at the age of 8 years old. Both parents were keen, talented players and his sister Barbara Travis and brother Peter Gill have both represented Australia. Barbara's daughter Lauren is continuing this great tradition by coming 2nd in the world youth championships in 2013.John is pictured (right) playing in 1976 with Barbara against Omar Sharif who was touring with the Italian team at the time. [posted Mon 23-Aug-21]

[posted Mon 23-Aug-21]

Connect Community and Kids Charity Day: A big thank you to all our members for their generosity as we raised approximately $1500 which will go towards helping underprivileged children in our community. CEO Gordon Barratt spoke very eloquently about the charity and the damaging effects that disadvantage brings to communities. Special thanks to Isabel for coordinating the event, Michelle for her talents in making the donations into worthwhile prizes and to Ted for providing the delicious cake! [posted Tue 17-Aug-21]

[posted Tue 17-Aug-21]
[posted Tue 17-Aug-21]
[posted Tue 17-Aug-21]

Members Profile :  Barry De Lacy: What an interesting life Barry has lead, very adventurous! A wonderful article thank you Susie Osmaston. See more... [posted Tue 3-Aug-21]

Noosa Teams Championship: The Noosa Teams Championship concluded with a hard fought win to the Ridley Team. The final day saw a tight competition between teams Ridley and Olsen with both teams sharing first and second position throughout the day. The final match saw a win to the Ridley team and a loss to team Olsen which decided the championship result. The Olsen team finished second overall and third place went to team Michie. Congratulations to all competitors. The Ridley Team, comprising Tim Ridley, David Harris, Rosemary Green and Philippa Barnett are pictured celebrating their win. [posted Fri 30-Jul-21]

Welcome Warwick Newton: Warwick has recently joined the management committee and we thank him for doing so. One of his roles is to be in charge of our library and here Warwick is pictured already hard at work! The club library contains over 150 books which are available to our members, and well worth a look. [posted Mon 26-Jul-21]

Congratulations to our new Directors: Well Done to Gayna Ryan, Syl Thiebaud, Russell Greenwood and Jim Harpley who have all passed their exams to become qualified club directors. They are welcome additions to our team of directors and we thank you for all your hard work and study. [posted Sun 18-Jul-21]

What difference does 10 years make?: Nothing at all by looking at our NBC members, maybe playing bridge is the secret to staying young! These photos were all taken from newsletters around 10 years ago.

The prize for best bridge dialogue goes to the interchange between Di Quigley and Peter Mellish one cold winter morning. Peter protested when Lizi French went to turn off the wall heater near his table. Di said to him "I'm going to be mother here and ask you have you got a singlet on?" Not listening all that closely, Peter replied "Haven't looked at my hand yet, no idea if there's a singleton." July 2014 [posted Thu 1-Jul-21]

Noosa Swiss Pairs Congress: Our Swiss Pairs Congress was held on Thursday June 17 with 46 pairs contending. The winners of the A grade were Patrick Bugler and Neville Francis with Chris Snook and Denise Hartwig runners up (pictured right). In the B grade Phylly and Barry De Lacy were the winners with a great result finishing 6th overall and Michael Huddart and Jean Pearce in second place in B grade also to be congratulated for finishing in 11th position overall(pictured below). Congratulations also to all our novice players who played so well finishing far above their grading. Thank you to Peter Busch for directing and to convenor Pat. Thank you also to all those who supported our congress either by playing or by volunteering their time as caddy/kitchen hands and helping in the bar. [posted Thu 17-Jun-21]

[posted Thu 17-Jun-21]

Bridge Etiquette - Role of Dummy: In the last week the committee have received a number of complaints about some members over stepping their role as Dummy. We know that bridge enjoys immense popularity because of the high standards of ethics and etiquette and at Noosa Bridge Club we follow the ABF standards of behaviour, attached is a document on the role of dummy and we would encourage all players to have a read and follow the guidelines. See more... [posted Sun 13-Jun-21]

MyABF update: MyABF use is expanding with over 2000 players signed up. There have been a few issues and one recommendation is to sign up the first time on a computer, not a phone. There have been reports that the sign up button doesn't work properly on some phone models. Another problem is people cannot login in and told their account is inactive, the reason for this is they have not activated their account. When you first sign up you are sent an email that contains a link which you need to click within 3 days. So please check for the activation email ( check spam/junk folder) The Gold Coast Congress 2022 will be run through MyABF [posted Wed 2-Jun-21]

Noosa Pairs Championship Winners: Finally captured Tim and David...worthy championship winners averaging over 60% after 4 sessions....congratulations to both [posted Thu 27-May-21]

Noosa Novice Pairs Championship 2021: As predicted the Novice Pairs championship for 2021 had an exciting finish with 6 pairs in contention at the last round. Rachel Wagner and David Richards are to be congratulated for their strong finish which saw them take second place but overall winners Clive Brown and Simon Reeve (pictured left) hung on to emerge victorious after both sessions. Congratulations to all competitors and thank you to Steve Murray for his skillful directing. [posted Mon 24-May-21]

2021 Noosa Pairs Championship: The Noosa Pairs Championship for 2021 has concluded. The event attracted 28 pairs and was run over 2 qualifying sessions and 2 final sessions. The winners of the Championship were David Harris and Tim Ridley with Maureen Jakes and Geoff Olsen finishing in 2nd place, Phillipa Barnett and Rosemary Green 3rd. The Plate winners were David Delgado and Dieter Bendt(pictured left) and runners up were Eugenie Mooney and Anna Irminger. [posted Fri 21-May-21]

[posted Fri 21-May-21]
[posted Fri 21-May-21]

Newsletter Menu Button: Please note the addition of the menu button titled "News" above. This is a link to past and present newsletters so you can take a stroll down memory lane and check out the activities at the club dating back to 2008! [posted Mon 17-May-21]

Introducing Michael Huddart: Michael is one of our new committee members and is working hard behind the scenes as head of two sub committees

(1) a finance subcommittee looking at our membership and table fees

(2) a subcommittee to improve communication to members via the website, newsletters and other publicity forums [posted Mon 10-May-21]

MyABF for bridge players: The ABF's new technology program MyABF has recently been launched. This gives players a personal ABF account they can login to and this will enable everyone to see announcements from the ABF, states and clubs plus view masterpoints going back 10 years. Players can also participate in bridge discussion forums and view, enter and pay for bridge events. The expectation is many club congresses and all gold point events around Australia will use this facility within the next few years. To join MyABF is a very simple process...go to and you just need your ABF number, email address and a password, then click on the email that will be sent to you to activate your account. If anyone has any difficulties please contact Julie Scott for assistance. [posted Mon 3-May-21]

Barrier Reef Bridge Congress: The Barrier Reef Congress for 2021 was held in Mackay over the weekend and was an enjoyable and well run event for all. Our President Adam and Dorothy Hertelendy are here reminiscing about the ''highs and lows" but still basking in the success of their 7D bid...a contract not found by anyone in the room! The Open Teams event was won by a team from the Sunshine Coast Club, congratulations to them for their impressive achievement [posted Mon 3-May-21]

Meet Isabel our Member Liaison Officer: Isabel Michie is our new club Liaison Officer and is keen on providing care and support for any members needing assistance, Isabel is the point of contact for members if you know anyone who would benefit from some help [posted Tue 27-Apr-21]

Committee Members Unmasked: New committee member Peter Franzmann and Vice-President Ted McNamara on duty [posted Sun 18-Apr-21]

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